Hey dudes!
Here’s what I wore on the first day of the new academic year. I went for something comfy, because it was a pretty stressful day and I didn’t feel like wearing anything too fussy. And you can’t really go wrong with some nice kicks, a sporty top and a well fitting pair of jeans, right? 

Actually, about those. You may remember I wasn’t the biggest fan of H&M pants in the past, as most of them aren’t very tall girl-friendly. In my experience they also tended to sag around the booty-area after a day of wearing. Not really a desirable property to someone who likes their skinny jeans to be véry skinny. Blood circulation in the lower limb is overrated guys. But ok, I digress. 
HOWEVER, these new H&M pants are everything their predecessors were not. The length is ideal, they fit like a glove and keep their form, they have a bit of stretch, they’re soft and not too thick (but still of good quality, it seems), ànd they are even comfier that my Cheap Mondays. (There, I said it!)

Anyways, have you noticed my new ‘do? Actually, looking at these pictures, I realise it’s not even that big of a difference, it definitely felt a lot more drastic to me (ok yes, there were tears). But I’m over it now, the long ombré tumblr-hair is gone and I actually feel like it’s time for something even a bit more different. Should I go even shorter? Any suggestions on what would suit me?

I'm wearing:
top: H&M // jeans: H&M // chain: Bershka // kicks: Nike Air Max // polish: Catrice I Scream Peach