Exit statement, enter simple

1. stackable rings: Vrai & Oro / 2. copper rings: COS / 3. two-toned bracelet: & Other Stories 
4. sterling silver ring: COS / 5. stud earrings: & Other Stories 
6. layered necklaces: Etsy 7. wood and metal necklace: COS / 8. bar earrings: COS 
 9. cube earrings: & Other Stories / 10. necklace: Mango / 11. asymmetric earrings: Zara

With the current influx of good basics in my wardrobe, I felt like it was time to update my jewelry box as well. I've been especially loving this type of simple jewelry, with interesting geometric shapes or combined materials. Pieces that add a small detail to an outfit instead of dragging the attention away from it. These are my favourite finds. But don't let their dainty look fool you, most of these won't hurt your wallet too much! Which are your favourites?

Source illustrated quote: Molly Jacques for Inspired to Share
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