The Fashion Folio for Sacha

After successfully finishing my very first internship as a physiotherapist to be, I decided to have myself a really merry Christmas and treat myself to a pair of black booties. On december 23. Definitely not my brightest decision, as I realised the moment I laid eyes upon the rabid crowd. I still don't know how I got out alive, but all that matters is I got out with these gorgeous lovechildren from Sacha and The Fashion Folio.
Now let me just state the obvious, these babies were 100% worth braving the crowd, as they are super versatile without being basic. The metallic nose makes them a bit festive too, so you could definitely make them work as a party shoe if pumps aren't your cup of tea. (I did!)
Now it's back to ungodly amounts of food for me. Happy holidays everyone!
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