Tourist in my own country: a project

You may or may not remember me talking about broadening my horizons in my birthday goals post a while back. (If not: catch up here if you want.) Literature, documentaries and classic films seemed like a good place to start, bu I still wanted to do more than just sit at home. However, since traveling isn't an option for me at the moment, I kinda let that idea go.
A couple of weeks later, I found myself in Brussels accompanying a friend to an event. Historic buildings and musea popped up left and right, and suddenly it dawned on me what a shame it was that I wasn't familiar with my capital at all. What's even more is that I could sum up 10 Belgian must-sees in a heartbeat, but had I ever been? Well, no!
A personal project was born. 

As little love as Belgians may have for their country, there are still a lot of great places to be discovered here. And I'm determined to actually go see them. The cool thing about living in this tiny country is that I can get anywhere in two hours tops, so I should actually be able to cram these trips into my planner on a regular basis. And having a willing travel companion with a camera isn't half bad either, so expect some reports on my microtravels here soon! 

Well, the first one is already in the making, since I made my first trip a couple of weeks ago. I chose to return to Brussels, and while I'll keep the report and matching myriad of photos for a separate post, I'll leave you with some outfit pics of that day. I went for a shaggy jumper, my eternal black skinnies and boots combo, threw on this duster/trench coat thing, grabbed my backpack and voila: a tourist was born.

Alright, I think that was quite enough of me rambling. As always, if there's anything you want to share, you know where to find my comment section. Laters!

Tourist in my own country ||
Tourist in my own country ||
coat: Bershka || textured jumper: River Island || black skinnies: Cheap Monday
boots: Sacha || backpack: Asos || silver rings: Fashionology
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