A (very late) holiday wishlist

Guys, I did the procrastination thing again. I've had this post floating around my drafts (in completed form) for ages, so it's about time I hit publish right? Lo and behold, I finally did, so let's get on with it.
On my holiday wishlist this year is a lot of stuff that I've been eyeing for a while, but will probably never get around to buying myself. My priority at the moment is still piecing together that perfect basic wardrobe, so these have been put on the back burner for the time being. Which also means that these little luxuries make for wonderful gifts! Here's what's on the list:

1. Fashionology Teeny Tiny Tag necklace. This sterling silver necklace provides a subtle detail to any outfit when worn on its own, but it will look equally great when layered with others. Yay for versatility. | 2. & Other Stories Punk Bouquet body lotion. I'm in desperate need of something to save my winter skin. This scent combines floral notes with a hint of almond and tonka bean. A warm scent, without being sickly or foody. | 3. Why Fashion Matters, by Frances Corner. This book consists of 101 entries that shine a light on the role of fashion in society and don't shy away from talking about the ugly side. | 4. O my Bag eco leather pencil case. I'm still using my old pencil case from middle school at the moment (pins, ink stains and all), so a replacement has been long overdue. This one has that classic camel look, and a bonus: it's manufactured in an ethical way. | 5. Tiny Dots documentary. La Dispute has hands down been my favourite band since I first discovered them some years ago. They don't fit any mould, their energy on stage is amazing and I'll listen to anything they have to say basically, so I can't wait to get my hands on their documentary.

6. MAC's Ruby Woo. I've been reaching for more striking shades of lipstick lately, but a perfect red is still missing. I believe this classic by MAC needs no further explanation. | 7. The Gentlewoman. Magazines are generally considered a no-go when it comes to gifts, but I don't necessarily agree. The Gentlewoman is filled with timeless quality content, and overall one of those magazines you store on your bookshelf rather than toss after reading. I never get around to buying it myself since it's a bit hard to get hold of in Belgium, so I'd actually love to receive it as (part of) a gift. | 8. Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. This autobiographical graphic novel tells the story of young Marjane growing up during the Iranian Revolution. It's a moving yet witty classic and I've been wanting to read it for ages. | 9. & Other Stories scented candles. These candles have a woody base and can contain some atypical notes such as leather and papyrus, which I happen to like a lot more than the cheesy pine and vanilla scents that pop up everywhere this time of year. | 10. Pretty Honest, by Sali Hughes. This beauty bible is chock full of no-bullshit advice for the real woman. I've heard nothing but good things about this one, so consider me curious.

What's on your wishlist?
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