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The festive season is officially over, which means it's that time again: finals month is in full swing. As usual, motivation is low, desperation is high and my mother buys me all the crap food I ask for out of pure pity, so in these dark times, what's a student to do other than study her ass off? If you guessed procrastination, the prize goes to you. Even though I'm trying not to waste too much time, I still need my breaks, and I try to choose my entertainment wisely. Here's what I found noteworthy lately.
  • First off, for anyone that can read Dutch: this blog post about the events in Cologne and the following controversy is well worth a read. Amelie has a valid point and the post has since been picked up by De Morgen.
  • I finally got around to watching Control, the biography about Ian Curtis that came out in 2007. Definitely not a happy film as you can imagine, but as a Joy Division fan I'm glad I watched it.
  • I also saw The True Cost, that documentary about the consequences of fast fashion you have undoubtedly heard about. It didn't necessarily teach me things I didn't already know, but it does give the victims of this industry a face and a voice and that's a very powerful thing. I would 100% recommend watching if you're into fashion. Afterwards I started reading into ethical fashion a bit more and I might do a post about it soon.
  • After hearing so much about it I decided to kick off my 2016 reading challenge (with a target of 30 books) with The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I haven't been over the moon with the last couple of books I read in 2015, but this was compelling from the first couple of pages. I started reading without knowing what it was about and I really enjoyed it that way, so I won't summarize it. The only thing that I can say is that this is a good one!
  • A couple of days ago Flume released a preview of his upcoming album Skin and it sounds even better than I expected. It's just short fragments of the tracks mixed together but I listened to it quite a few times already and I can't wait until the release.

What have you been listening to/watching/reading lately? 
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