In retrospect: my autumn/winter 2015 purchases

6 months ago I decided to step up my wardrobe building game. I had a long hard think about what items I could really use for the upcoming season and set up a wishlist with the 10 items my wardrobe needed the most. Not with the intent of purchasing all of them, mind you, but rather as a guideline to follow when the season's trends threatened to blur my vision. Since that season is now over, I decided to evaluate, so I can make my wishlist for this Spring/Summer season even more effective. Here's what went down.

In retrospect ||

H&M wool scarf (€39,99) - I started off with a no brainer. I was craving the Acne Canada scarf, but with still so many gaps to fill in my wardrobe, I realised that I would never be able to justify the price. This alternative from H&M looks virtually the same and the quality didn't disappoint either. At one point I wore it almost daily and it will probably last for several more seasons, so I have no complaints at all about this purchase.

H&M merino wool turtle neck (€39,99) - This one was the exact one from my wishlist. At first a was a bit worried about how light and thin it felt, but as soon as I put it on, I realised my doubts were unfounded. It keeps me perfectly warm, but at the same time, it's still breathable. A major step up from the synthetic knits and jumpers I bought over the past few years. 

& Other Stories loafers (€125) - Again, these came straight off the wishlist. They did require some breaking in and I still wouldn't be able to walk miles in them, but they're comfortable enough to wear to uni. I wore them regularly in autumn, but I'm planning to get a lot more wear out of these over the next couple of months.

So far I managed to keep up with the wishlist. That changed, however, when that gorgeous camel coat slipped through my fingers. I had finally managed to save up for it, but by that time it was sold out everywhere. This made me sadder than I'd like to admit, and at that point the rest of the wishlist lost some of its appeal to me. It had gotten too cold for some items, others were too expensive and the rest of them didn't excite me enough to actually make the purchase.
I found myself browsing the online shops again and was drawn to a couple of items that seemed a bit less timeless and rather on trend. So decided to give it some thought. If I still wanted them after a couple of weeks and if I could wear them in more than one outfit, I allowed myself to buy them. So I abandoned the list and purchased the following:

Adidas Stan Smith trainers (€84,95) - Yes, possibly the most hyped up footwear of the last few seasons. After denying myself these for months, I finally realised that not buying something you really like just because it's a trend is just as ridiculous as buying something you don't really like just because it's a trend. To me these are the perfect white trainers, and I'm planning on wearing these long after the hype dies down.

Mango bootcut jeans in black and blue (€39,99 each) - Last year's seventies trend might have caused the relaunch of flared jeans, but after seeing this photo of Clémence Poésy, I felt inspired enough to wear these in more timeless looks as well. I haven't worn these a lot yet, but I will definitely have some fun with them in the upcoming months.

Warehouse suede boots (€79,95) - Okay, so I got a bit carried away with the seventies vibe. However, I have seen Jeanne Damas wear boots like these in so many different ways, so it seems unlikely that I'll get tired of these soon. I'm not entirely over the moon with the quality of the suede though, so I might update on the longevity of these later.

So that were my purchases of the last couple of months. I didn't exactly stick to my plan, but I'm all the more determined to compile a more efficient wishlist for this season. Update soon!
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