Second skin

As a physiotherapy student you can't be squeamish about being in your undies. In class. A lot. 
In my first year I took a course called 'Basic physiotherapy'. I'll never forget my first practical lesson. The teacher's first assignment was to undress, look at each other very carefully and point out anything that seemed abnormal about the other person's build and posture. I suspect nobody has ever undressed as slowly as us physiotherapy students did that day. But soon the anxiety made way for team spirit, everyone was really nice to one another and we all lived. 
The scary part wore off fairly quickly and nowadays we can all undress unflinchingly if a class requires doing so, but it goes without saying that our choices of everyday lingerie have been restricted quite a bit.
So for the past four years, I had to stick to mostly padded T-shirt bras and satisfy my inner lingerie snob with just its own Pinterest board instead of some real life pretty undies. 

Up until now. There will be no practical courses this semester and since my first internship of the year went really well, I decided I deserved a little something. Specifically in the shape of this sheer, underwire-less and 100% NSFU (not safe for uni) bra (+ knickers) from COS. Now I must say, I finally understand why I only ever see the same lacy bralettes in flatlays. This thing is incapable of looking decent in a photo (I tried, guys, I tried). However, those graphic seams actually look really nice when paired with some actual boobs. This bra is super flattering on and insanely comfortable to boot, so it's all good. 

It's safe to say I won't be buying any more bulky push-up bras, I have just enough to make do until the end of my training. Delicate lingerie makes me feel a hundred times more confident, so from now on I'll be on the lookout for more minimal, mesh, lace and satin styles. These are my current favourites:
Second skin ||
& Other Stories (+ matching knickers: regular or high waist) || Love Stories (thongs aren't my cuppa, but just FYI, this one matches) || & Other Stories (+ matching knickers)

So tell me, have your professors seen you in your undies what's on your lingerie wishlist?
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