Spring/summer 2016 wishlist

New season, new wishlist. After gathering some inspiration in my previous post, I decided on which items my wardrobe needs the most:

Cropped, straight jeans - After giving in to flared jeans, I want to add another fit to my denim collection. I'm specifically looking for a pair that fits quite snugly around the hips, has a tapered (but not skinny) leg and a classic denim colour. A cropped hem would be nice too, since it would look great with my suede boots. I'm planning on trying on the new Levi's wedgie fit depicted here, and maybe compare it to the 501 CT and a vintage 501 to see what suits me best.

White linen or cotton shirt - I already own a white shirt and I wear it loads, but it's quite starchy and extremely prone to wrinkling. For summer, I prefer one in a thinner fabric for a more laid-back look. The one depicted from Uniqlo looks like it would fit the bill, and Massimo Dutti also has a nice option.

Blue and/or red neckerchief - I admit, these scarves are having a huge moment. However, they are versatile, fit my style and regularly pop up again after a few seasons, so I still really want one. I'm planning on getting it from Asos Reclaimed Vintage, which is a more sustainable option than the high street chain stores.

Menorquinas/Avarcas - After purchasing my first pair of espadrilles last year, I have added another classic mediterranean shoe to my wishlist: the Menorquina or Avarca sandal. These are timeless, durable and worn by all ages and sexes, which makes them an ideal summer staple. To be honest I'm not quite sure yet where I'm going to get these. I might wait until Pons stocks them again, or I might pick them up if I go to Spain this summer, we'll see.

Red breton longsleeve - Finding a blue striped longsleeve that I liked required a lot of trial and error (and those that I own now are still not 100% perfect). Now that I want one in red as well, I decided to skip the bad bargains altogether and go for the ultimate classic from Petit Bateau. Considering these are supposed to last a long time and are produced sweatshop-free, €75 seems like a fair price.

Black or navy striped T-shirt - The one I'm looking for has a round neckline, thin stripes and a rather straight fit at the waist. APC does these so well, but let's be honest, I'm never going to spend €90 on a single T-shirt. This one that I found on Zalando came closest to what I'm looking for, but for that price, I'm a bit unsure about the quality. If it's too flimsy, I will have to return it and continue my search.

You might have noticed this wishlist is a bit smaller than the one I put together last season. This is in part because I already own quite a lot of summer essentials like striped shirts and denim shorts. However, I also wanted to give myself a bit more freedom than last season. So in addition to this list, I'm allowing myself a maximum of three other garments on two conditions: I have to be able to wear them with items that are already in my wardrobe, and I'm only allowed one trend piece (although none at all would be preferable, of course). Like last time, as this season comes to its end, I'll round up my new purchases and evaluate how this new approach panned out.

What's on your wishlist this season?
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