Delicate jewelry
1. stackable rings: Vrai & Oro / 2. copper rings: COS / 3. two-toned bracelet: & Other Stories 
4. sterling silver ring: COS / 5. stud earrings: & Other Stories 
6. layered necklaces: Etsy 7. wood and metal necklace: COS / 8. bar earrings: COS 
 9. cube earrings: & Other Stories / 10. necklace: Mango / 11. asymmetric earrings: Zara

With the current influx of good basics in my wardrobe, I felt like it was time to update my jewelry box as well. I've been especially loving this type of simple jewelry, with interesting geometric shapes or combined materials. Pieces that add a small detail to an outfit instead of dragging the attention away from it. These are my favourite finds. But don't let their dainty look fool you, most of these won't hurt your wallet too much! Which are your favourites?

Source illustrated quote: Molly Jacques for Inspired to Share



DSC05070 X
DSC05073 X
DSC05080 X
white distressed skinny jeans: Mango / chambray shirt: Pull&Bear / jumper: New Look
faux leather shopper: Zara / sneakers: Converse All Star

Alas, as you can see, the title of this post refers to the newest addition to my denim collection, rather than my current physique. No worries though. With the start of the new academic year come many resolutions, and getting in shape is one of them. Now I already made a program to follow, but if you happen to know some inspiring fitness blogs, feel free to drop them in the comments. More motivation is always better!
Anyways, here's what I wore to my first day of uni. My love for anything comfy/casual chic is still going strong, so I hope you're not tired of denim, neutrals and sneakers yet. More posts are a-comin'. There, that's another resolution!



DSC05036 X
DSC05044 X
DSC05046 X
DSC05038 X

breton top: H&M / blazer: Pull&Bear / boyfriend jeans: H&M 
sneakers: Vans Authentics at & Other Stories / bag: & Other Stories / sunnies: ALE-HOP

Nothing but some good ol' basics today, but that doesn't have to make for a boring look! 
I wore this for an afternoon of shopping in Antwerp with the boyfriend. We were basically wearing the same thing in different colours, oh the perks of androgynous dressing… We had a great time shooting these pictures though (don't let the bitchy resting face fool you)!



coat: ASOS // knit: Zara // above the knuckle rings: H&M // kicks: Nike Air Max

Hey guys
Just ordered this coat(igan? Do people really say that?) from ASOS the other day, and I’ve been living in it ever since. Despite the short sleeves and the lack of buttons and lining, it’s actually pretty warm. I’ll probably go for my parka when it starts snowing though, but for now, this one is definitely okay. Very pleased with how the quality turned out!
The turtleneck underneath has kind of an awkward shape to it (it’s a bit huge), but I really like it that way. It feels sooo comfy, like I’m casually wearing my bed to school or something. 
So what do you think? 

P.S.: Please excuse my tragic looking hair! It was raining when we started shooting these photos so it’s a bit damp, I promise it’s not dirty!



Hey guys! 
So, I already talked about it in my previous post, but I’m gonna make some changes to my blog.
First of all, I have gotten a bit tired of the name. When I decided to make a blog, I was more into sweet vintagy stuff, so the bird-looking-for-pretty-things metaphor seemed pretty cute.
Now, my style is getting a bit more sporty and simple, and I feel like this cutesy name doesn’t fit me anymore. I want a shorter, more memorable name that is more suitable for my style. So I gave it some thought and I went for... Melanophilia! It basically means “love for the colour black”, and since I will never stop loving this colour, no matter what my style evolves into, I went for it. And, you know, also because it just sounds pretty cool.

To top things off, I also purchased my own domain name (melanophilia.com), which is obviously not in use yet, but it will be soon!  I’m planning to set up the new url this sunday, with some help from my tech-savvy boyfriend. If all goes well, you’ll be able to visit my humble blog on melanophilia.com by next week. 

Now, for my Blogger followers, these changes shouldn’t be a problem, you guys will probably automatically move with me. And Bloglovin’ followers, when the transfer is done, the lovely people at Bloglovin’ will take care of it, so you won’t have to look for my new name and start following me again.

Ok, so that was it for now. I really really hope the name change isn’t too much of a hassle, sorry if it is!
Wish me luck this weekend!