Tourist in my own country: a project


You may or may not remember me talking about broadening my horizons in my birthday goals post a while back. (If not: catch up here if you want.) Literature, documentaries and classic films seemed like a good place to start, but I still wanted to do more than just sit at home. However, since traveling isn't an option for me at the moment, I kinda let that idea go. 
A couple of weeks later, I found myself in Brussels accompanying a friend to an event. Historic buildings and musea popped up left and right, and suddenly it dawned on me what a shame it was that I wasn't familiar with my capital at all. What's even more is that I could sum up 10 Belgian must-sees in a heartbeat, but had I ever been? Well, no! 
A personal project was born. 

As little love as Belgians may have for their country, there are still a lot of great places to be discovered here. And I'm determined to actually go see them. The cool thing about living in this tiny country is that I can get anywhere in two hours tops, so I should actually be able to cram these trips into my planner on a regular basis. And having a willing travel companion with a camera isn't half bad either, so expect some reports on my microtravels here soon! 

Well, the first one is already in the making, since I made my first trip a couple of weeks ago. I chose to return to Brussels, and while I'll keep the report and matching myriad of photos for a separate post, I'll leave you with some outfit pics of that day. I went for a shaggy jumper, my eternal black skinnies and boots combo, threw on this duster/trench coat thing, grabbed my backpack and voila: a tourist was born.

Alright, I think that was quite enough of me rambling. As always, if there's anything you want to share, you know where to find my comment section. Laters!

Tourist in my own country ||
Tourist in my own country ||
coat: Bershka || textured jumper: River Island || black skinnies: Cheap Monday
boots: Sacha || backpack: Asos || silver rings: Fashionology
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Autumn/winter 2015 wishlist


You're probably getting hella tired of me raving about how I finally discovered the classic pieces, and I completely understand. But, dear reader, I'm on a roll. In the last couple of months I have started a modest (for now) shirt collection, three versions of the marinière have found their way into my closet and I finally purchased my first plain white T-shirt. Let's just say it's been a long time coming. I've never had more fun getting dressed than I had this summer, and I want more. 

I found out that, at least for me, some effort goes into looking effortless. So seeing as my autumn/winter wardrobe is seriously lacking in the consistency department at the moment, I made up a list of my top ten most needed items, to tie it all together. A plan to stick to by the time this season's trends are shoved in our faces again. Here's what I came up with: 

1. parka: As it turns out, I'm quite fussy about parkas, but I spotted my perfect one at Topshop. The colour isn't muddy, the mid-thigh length is exactly what I'm looking for, and it's padded but not puffy. Also: no atrocious fake fur lining in the hood. Score!

2. chelsea boots: An androgynous all-time classic. This pair from COS looks promising, so I'll probably pay them a visit in the store soon. & Other Stories also has a nice version, which I'm keeping in mind as a backup plan.

3. oversized black coat: Snuggly yet simple, this coat by Samsoe & Samsoe is a strong contender, although the price is probably a bit too steep to my liking. Will have a long hard think about this one (and possibly drop Santa some hints).

4. cashmere jumper: Since I'm trying to upgrade to better materials, cashmere is a must for the colder months. My current favourite has a slightly slouchy fit and a V-neck and can be found at Massimo Dutti, but an honourable mention goes to & Other Stories' more elegant (and dusty blue!) take on a crew neck sweater.

5. turtle neck jumper: I wanted to stick to the most basic shape so I picked this simple black merino jumper from H&M, but I have to say the longer version looks tempting as well.

6. black trousers: This pair by Mango has a slim fit, so they should be easy to combine with the majority of my tops. (I'm a skinny jeans girl after all.) I'm already looking forward to wearing them with the turtle neck and loafers in this post.

7. wool hat: I was surprised how much wear I got out of my sun hat this summer, so now I'm on the lookout for a warm alternative. Which I seem to have found, yet again, at & Other Stories. 

8. loafers: For a long time I thought these were too classic for my taste, but they've grown on me. I'm looking for a black pair without any hardware, and this one by & Other Stories looks like it will work with just about anything. 

9. camel coat: With the purchase of my first trench coat earlier this year, I discovered the versatility of sand tones. Camel is a great addition to all the blacks, greys and whites that dominate my wardrobe. It adds warmth and can be combined with virtually any other neutral. I'm especially fond of this version by Massimo Dutti, as the fit isn't overly dressy, despite its sophisticated colour.

10. wool scarf: Does this one even need explaining? This Acne bestseller is what scarf dreams are made of. The quality is supposed to be superb, but I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to justify the price. Luckily both Sissy Boy and COS currently offer more affordable options, so this year I'm bound to find the right one for me.

Okay, I do realize this is not the most minimal of wishlists quantity-wise, but remember I'm virtually starting from scratch. Will all of these be mine at the end of the season? Probably not, considering my rather meager budget. But it felt like a good idea to set up some guidelines, to help me give priority to what I could really use. So there you have it.

What are you on the lookout for this season? Any classics I missed? 

The return of the dress, part II


After my raving about & Other Stories dresses, it's only fair that I show you guys my second buy today. This pretty dress was part of their Rachel Antonoff collection. I've been in love with it ever since it launched, so when I found it on sale last month, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I had to have it. It's a fairly girly shape, but the quality is lovely. It's fully lined and 100% cotton, yet it fits me like a glove thanks to two invisible zippers. But what really won me over was the red and blue striped print. It has this French charm, and I could easily see one pairing this with a straw hat and some simple sandals for a stroll around the market in a sunny village. What more could you wish for in a summer dress?

However, since I'm unfortunately nowhere near a French market at the moment (boo!), I decided to take a less cutesy approach. Instead I went for a relaxed look, pairing it with some easy canvas plimsolls and a pair of playful sunglasses. Works for now!
Now I'm off to enjoy a bit of studying in the sun. Resits are almost here, and my bachelor's degree is just around the corner. Laters!

The return of the dress, part II ||
dress: & Other Stories || shoes: Vans || bag: & Other Stories
watch: Larsson & Jennings || sunglasses: Ale-Hop

5 things to do in Moraira


Hey guys! I just got home from 10 days of recharging my batteries in Moraira. I had such a great time and since I'm still buzzing with holiday vibes, I wrote up this small travel guide.
Moraira is a tiny beach town located on the Spanish Costa Blanca. It's a great destination for those who like to relax and have some fun while soaking up some vitamin D, but want to avoid the beach resorts. I've spent three lovely summer holidays there, and today I'm sharing five things you simply cannot miss.

Spend an evening on Playa Moraig

Moraira's main beaches are nice, but they tend to turn into a crowded forest of parasols. I personally much prefer the stunning pebble beach of Playa Moraig, located at the foot of Cumbre del Sol. Granted, you need to be an experienced (or at least courageous) driver to reach it, because the drive is insanely steep. But once your vehicle is safely parked*, you won't regret risking your life to get there. The beach is enclosed by steep walls of rock from three sides, giving it a rather intimate feel. There's still a lot of people who come enjoy the sun here during the day, but it gets nowhere near as crowded as the sand beaches. However, my favourite time to hang out here is at dusk. Around nine pm, you almost have the entire beach to yourself. Great for laid-back evenings with friends or with your love. The water temperature is still lovely, so go for a nightly dip if you want. And don't forget the wine!

*Do NOT forget to shove some rocks under the tyres! You can't trust your hand brake on these slopes.

Go for a buggy excursion

We did two one hour trips with Moraira Quads. I remember it being quite pricy, but worth every penny. You can go for a group excursion if you want, but my boyfriend and I booked at times when we had the guide to ourselves. The one hour tour includes some cruising around to see the sights, but also goes off road for a little while. We even tried a tiny bit of drifting while we were at it, which was insanely fun! The guide adapts his driving style to yours, so even if you're a bit nervous at fist, you needn't worry about getting behind. Tip: Don't pay extra for a more powerful buggy. The route doesn't allow super high speeds anyway, so I don't think the upgrade would have any added value. 

Go parasailing

Yes, I checked that one off my to-do list! Between the marina and El Castillo, we found the stall where we booked our next adventure. We could hop aboard right away. The instructors were very nice and helpful, so I immediately felt safe, albeit very nervous. The parachute turned out to go much higher than we expected, but the views were spectacular and the experience was surprisingly relaxing. I'd recommend this to anyone. The boyfriend is SUPER afraid of heights and still ended up having a great time, after five shaky first minutes. Tip: wear very well fitting bikini bottoms! At one point they dip you in the water for a moment, and this does not happen gently. I'm sure you can imagine losing your bikini bottoms while dangling underneath a parachute would take away from the experience just a tiny bit. I, for one, was happy I left my side-tie bikini at home!

5 things to do in Moraira - Walk up to the Torre del Cap d'Or ||

Walk up to the Torre del Cap d'Or

When hanging out around the marina, be it in the air or on the ground, you'll probably notice the little tower on the rocks in the distance. But if you're up for a walk, you can admire it from up close as well. Drive to El Portet towards the tower, and park your car near the sign. From there, the route is pretty self-explanatory. I estimate it took me around 40 minutes to get to the tower, but remember, I'm in very bad shape. We even crossed some people running up there, so if you're the kind of person that works out on holiday (props!), that might be for you. The tower is bigger than it looks, but apart from that, not very impressive. The view, however, is what makes the whole thing worth it. The proof is in the photo! Tip: Definitely don't wear slippers or sandals, except for maybe Tevas. I wore an old pair of Converse myself. 

Have dinner at Vespa's

Recommending an Italian restaurant in Spain is a bit strange, I admit. But this was hands down the best food I had on this entire trip. It's not super cheap, but the quality is miles above your average takeaway. Both the tagliatelle funghi and the Italian cheesecake I had were insanely good, and the rest of the table felt the same about their dishes as well. Check the menu here! An absolute must if you love great food. And honestly, who doesn't?

If you have any questions about where to stay, transport or anything else, I'd be happy to help!

The return of the dress


Dresses and I... We've been out of love for the last couple of years. I used to be really into them back in the day, when I was still a lover of anything cute and vintage. But as times changed, we grew apart. I found I was no longer into very girly/feminine looks, so I just couldn't commit any longer.

But then, after all those years, & Other Stories came along and rekindled the love. These were dresses unlike any other I used to own. Chic in their simplicity, no frills or flowers to be found. So I caved and took home two. No, we're not exclusive, but I love them both equally, and as things are looking now, we'll be in a happy relationship for years to come.

(Also: pardon the wrinkles. I left the house looking pretty crisp, but by the time we reached our shooting location, the sitting had taken its toll. A perk of of blogging what you actually wear, right?)

The return of the dress ||
The return of the dress ||
shirt dress: & Other Stories || patent oxfords: Sacha || sunnies Ray-Ban 
watch: Larsson & Jennings || bag: Zara || silver rings: Fashionology